Semalt Explains Why You Should Avoid Clicking "Unsubscribe" In The Spam Folder

We all get lots of unwanted and annoying emails every day, and cleaning or filtering them by clicking on the Unsubscribe button is not enough. Some of the emails received can contain suspicious links that soon become a big problem for you. The chances are that you will end up giving the spammers lots of information about you, such as your credit card details, PayPal ID, username, password, home address, contact number and your business address. Also, you may provide them with the opportunities to infect your system with malware and viruses. Of course, not every person who sends you an email is a scammer or hacker. If you know the sender personally and believe that he/she is trustworthy, you can safely open and read his emails on a regular basis.

Here, Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager has mentioned the reasons why unsubscribing from the newsletters or promotional emails can be harmful to you:

1. You have confirmed your email address to the hacker:

Most people don't know that by clicking on that Unsubscribe button can be dangerous for them because they confirm to the hackers that their email addresses are both active and valid. For instance, if a sender is involved in spreading malware on the internet and you have clicked on his/her link by mistake, he/she will get to know that your ID is active and you regularly check your emails. The worst part is that now you will receive lots of emails from spammers, who want to trick.

2. You show an interest in their offers:

Once you click on that Unsubscribe button, you will let the spammers know that you have read their emails and is interested in their offers. In that case, they will keep sending you more and more messages with more offers. Reading their emails and opening their attachments will become necessary for you. Otherwise, they will threaten you to spread your private details on the internet. What matters to them is your money, and they can even pretend to be a foreign princess and ask you for help.

3. You may not receive emails from your friends and family:

Hackers or spammers may restrict your email addresses for their own messages; it means you won't be able to receive emails from your friends, customers, and family members. That is why you should think thrice before clicking on that Unsubscribe button because the chances are that they will send you malware, tricking your email ID to receive their own emails all the time and preventing the arrival of emails from your circle.


Let me here tell you that clicking on that Unsubscribe button can be fraudulent and your email address will not be removed from the spammers' list. However, you can follow these steps to prevent their emails from irritating you in future: Verify the spammer's email address and don't click on that Unsubscribe button if an email has arrived in your Spam folder. Take measures instantly and install an anti-malware program. Downloading such a program from the internet is very easy.

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